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I like rainy days but I like overcast days too. So today and yesterday were both great in my world.

My first stop was to Liberty to withdraw some cha-ching. This is where I keep my Avon account and my part-time job account. Usually there isn’t much money in it, but I had a small surplus so I decided to dip into it just in case this weekend needed a few bucks.

That only took a few minutes. But my next stop was across the street by the little pond I keep referring to.

Have you ever started reading a book and gotten so engrossed in it, you’ll read it even if you only have five minutes? I’m reading one like that right now. It’s a little bit historical, a little bit fiction, and it’s a very good read. It’s called The Coming of the Storm and it’s about the native people who lived in Florida and the surrounding areas as the Spaniards arrived. The Indian tribes were treated brutally and this is one trader’s journey through everything.

I got through one chapter in my remaining lunch minutes, but I REALLY wanted to keep going. Alas, my work ethic still drives me.

I took a vacation day tomorrow, so I will be happily spending it with my family instead of at work. Even though Fridays at work are almost blissful. 😛


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