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Okay, first of all, I’m not as pessimistic as yesterday. In fact, I would call myself cautiously optimistic today. One note I do want to make though: STAY AWAY from the Pecan Chicken Salad at Arby’s, and from Arby’s all together. About five hours after I ate (which is approximately how long it takes me to process food) I got violently ill (use your imagination) and it was probably the worst I’ve felt in a LONG time. So scratch my comment from yesterday that it was good. It might be good going down but not up/out.

Today I met a lovely friend for lunch at LeeAnn Chin’s. I hadn’t eaten there in a long time, so when she suggested it, I was highly agreeable.

They gave us little samples of their frozen yogurt (which was awesome) before we ordered, and our food was quite good. She had the Peking chicken with rice, I had the Kalbi chicken with rice. A little dry in the chicken, but the rest was tasty. Kind of expensive though – $7 for a bowl, no drink? Oh well, the friend time was nice.

I couldn’t help but notice a family sitting near us – a wife, husband, and two younger boys. For some reason they just did not seem happy. The wife kept looking at the husband, the boys looked at the parents, and the dad looked out the window. No conversation, just eating and staring. If that had been my family, we wouldn’t have shut up – we talk all the time, sometimes over each other. I wondered if they were just mad at each other? Sad? Even their faces were not restful. Again, I am intrigued by human nature.

Thanks for a lovely lunch, lovely friend! I hope your experiments with stones, oils, and candles go well! 🙂



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