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Okay, forget glistening. I am now sweating. Seriously! Today I’m supposed to take an hour-long lunch on account of my working 12 hours, but after going to the bank and Old Navy, I just couldn’t do it anymore. It’s 93 degrees, I needed to get inside! Seriously Minnesota. You’re giving me weather whiplash.

Anyway, after expertly maneuvering between the A/C at stop lights and open windows while the car was moving, I made it to my bank. I deposited some money but was so anxious to get mobile again, I nixed the picture for my blog. Besides, I wasn’t sure about the rules of taking pictures of financial institutions . . .

Onto Old Navy to resume my search of clothes for my daughter.

I found a few $5 tables, so I got her another two pairs of shorts, two tanks, and a cute tie-tank (where the shoulder straps are tied instead of sewn, it’s pretty). Grand total (for you math-challenged) was $25. I was super tempted to pick up a few pairs of $2.50 sandals, but I have enough for myself and they didn’t have that deal for kids’ sizes. Darn. It’s okay though; I heard Payless is having their BOGO sale right now, so I will probably swing over there.

I hope everyone survived the weekend! I am now going to go wring out my shirt. Ew.


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