Sweating? Nope. Glistening.   Leave a comment

I have a workout partner. Her name is Kate and we punch stuff: a stand up bag, the pads we wear on our hands. And we kick the aforementioned stuff as well. Tuesdays and Fridays are our days, and so today over lunch, that is what we did.

Luckily, where we work has a small workout area for students and staff, so that’s where we glisten. Not sweat – glisten. Sometimes we run our mouth if we’re frustrated about something, but typically it’s just a definite time where we know we can go and get an hour-long workout.

We follow up our punching and kicking with planks (which are slowly improving) and stretching, which always feels nice. Today was no exception, although we for some reason had an influx of visitors which stopped our bag beating a few times. We didn’t hit the people who stopped by to chat though; that would be wrong of course.

The weekend is upon us, so I will take pleasure in my two-day hiatus of forced lunch breaks. See you back on Monday!


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