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This past weekend, I swapped out winter clothes for summer clothes. Dear husband wears shorts all year around, so he’s set. I’m doing pretty good, could use a few more capris. Dear son is well stocked thanks to hand me downs from friends. But dear daughter? She’s grown a LOT, and so now all the clothes I thought would fit her this summer . . . DON’T. She pretty much needs a whole new wardrobe.

So my lunch visit today was to Goodwill.

 They’ve done some remodeling over the past few months and I haven’t been in there to check it out. It’s actually really nice. Everything is pretty organized and the space feels more open now, even though their sizes aren’t really in order. You usually have to size it by sight and then check the tag if you think you’re close to the size you need. I’m usually way off. (It’s hard!)

I figured I’d start here and then hit up Old Navy, Target, GAP, and see if any other places have good deals too. I refuse to spend $25 on a pair of shorts, or worse yet, $25 on hoochie mama shorts that make my little girl’s butt cheeks hang out the bottom.

Again, a half hour time limit is easily eaten up while shopping for clothes, so I had to hoof it through the racks. Here is what I came up with:

Two shirts and a pair of shorts for $4.97.

Are they designer clothes? No. Does she care? No. Do I care? No. Will daycare appreciate the fact that she’s not naked? Yes. So there you go. The start to dear daughter’s new summer wardrobe.

P.S. Goodwill’s toddler/kids clothes day is Thursday, so everything is half off. Awesome.


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