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Everyday, I’m forced to take a lunch break from my job, whether I want to or not. And everyday, it’s a struggle to find something to do that is low cost, exciting, and/or errand-based.

So today, I decided a walk would be in order. There is a pond/walking path not too far from my work, so I decided that would be a nice place to go.

This is where I started. There was a family of geese, with little goslings waddling around, picking on each other. Lots of ducks, red winged blackbirds squawking at me to get the heck away from them, and a few gophers. It was nice outside today except that it was WINDY. When my back was to the wind, it was nice, but turning that corner, I had to work it.

The clouds were interesting too, changing shape like they were in a mixer.

The path took me about 15 minutes to walk, which was about the perfect amount of time. I think I’ll go back again some day. Plus, I didn’t bring my purse on this trip so I was not tempted to stop at KFC for lunch on the way back to work. Bonus.


Posted May 31, 2011 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in Places

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